Education Consulting

An Education Consultant makes a meaningful difference in how education is delivered and received. Being a guiding force in improving opportunities and classrooms, Education Consultants shape the academic lives of both staff and students.


An Education Consultant typically: 

  • Serves as an advisor for teachers, parents, school administrators, school boards, and government officials

  • Assesses education standards and classroom policies, as well as grades and test scores

  • Helps implement changes to curriculum based on data

  • Surveys students to change programs or curriculum

  • Reports on the effectiveness of current academic systems

  • Devises strategies to improve educational quality and helps implement new policies

  • Designs new training programs and offers teacher training workshops

  • Recommends different educational materials

  • Implements and guide usage of new technologies

  • Assists in correlating systems to improve student drop-out rates

  • Advises academic intervention programs

  • Supervises online education

  • Manages charter school operations

  • Matches students to appropriate learning environments, such as special education programs

  • Guides college selection and application

  • Meets with administrators and teachers to discuss programs and budgets

Toronto, January 2022.


After thirteen years as an educator, living and working on three continents, exploring the many ways to teach children and how to make it meaningful for all, I decided to take a step back and found my own enterprise, SolViridis.


My personal experience of the French, Californian, Ontarian, and IB settings has helped me to constantly adapt to new challenges and become a valued team member.


The Covid related transformations that swept the world of education made me take the decision to exerce my passion differently and now offer consulting services.   


Azal Amer Moussa

What makes us GOOD Education Consultants ?


Analytical and adept at decision-making

Attentive to details and well organized

Oriented toward service

Good at planning and organizing

Empathetic and sociable: able to offer solutions and connect with students, teachers, and school officials

Skilled in identifying problems and brainstorming potential solutions

Possesses excellent written and oral communication skills

Comfortable working independently or collaboratively 

Able to meet short deadlines

Interested in traveling and working in a diverse range of environments

Qualified with a degree in curriculum and instruction or education